Our Research

Conceptual Model

The CONNECT model is based on the Haddon injury matrix. The matrix is predicated on understanding the injury process has a sequence of events. Our team has adapted this matrix and identified the continuum as:

  1. Premorbid
  2. Acute & Sub-Acute
  3. Post-Concussion
  4. Long-term Consequences

Each Phase of the continuum will be characterized by 4 Themes (represented vertically in the diagram). Together, the Themes also address key research objectives needed to achieve our vision: themes 1 and 2 address the objectives to discover the most innovative tools to assess and diagnose concussion (Recognize). Theme 3 and 4 address the objective to test novel targeted interventions that not only speed recovery but prevent re-injury and the long term problems and late deterioration of concussion (Maximize).


Our research platforms (represented horizontally in the diagram) are systematically collected and technology-assisted CDEs that will form the basis of our understanding of concussion. The social and physical elements of the framework are informed by the socio-ecological model  developed by Green and Kreuter. The model is developed on the premise that multiple determinants impact on multiple levels within an ecological system that can change health outcomes:

  • Individual: factors include individual biology & personal history including gender and age
  • Family: factors within close relationships such as family health history and household composition
  • Community: factors at community level such as  built environment and employment qualities
  • Societal: factors that create social and cultural norms via local, provincial, national polices.

The other platforms will investigate the value of biomarkers, neuroimaging and other neurophysiological measures to address the research questions.

The arrow through the model emphasizes the integrating role of Neuroinformatics in collecting and co-localizing all available data in a form that harness advanced data-analysis processes such as machine learning. This will address our third broad objective to identify the most important personal, societal, brain imaging, biological findings to guide treatment across the continuum of concussion, thus ensuring the right care at the right time to the right patient (Personalize). It will be a central focus of development and will be the signature feature of this effort.

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